Photos of European Theater of Operations Page 7

These photos are all from the European Theater of Operations. They are from my small personnel collection. Most have no names, but many have descriptions on the back, as well as locations. Most are of U.S. Service men and women.They are in no particular order.
  Written on Back:  The Unknown Soldier, Arc de Triomphe
 Written on Back:   Champs Ely'see Arc de Triomphe in back ground.
 Written on Back:   My jeep, Potsdamer, Platz, Berlin, 1946.
Nothing Written on Back:
 Nothing Written on Back:
 Written on Back:  Arc de Triomphe Paris France.
 Written on Back:   German Prisoners advancing the wrong way.
 Written on Back:  A bullet scarred bomb torn city hall in a small village fattened by huge artillery duels. It was cold that day and we were all bundled up. Our train was being loaded and we had some time to look around. France.
 Written on Back:   Brother and sister. Hadn't seen him for 3 years, met him in Paris Cafe.   
 Nothing Written on Back:    

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