WWII Letter 76th Hospital Train Unit April 1945 Germany with Photos

This letter was written by a 2nd Lt. who was with the 76th Hospital Train Unit. The letter was written April 2, 1945. From the letter…..

Dreamed of you all last night. I hated to wake up they were so nice. In substitute for your picture I have a picture I cut out of Esquire of a girl that looks just like you. There was no name on it so I don’t know who she is. Tuff times isn’t it when  fellow has to use other girls pictures in place of his wife. Do you remember the picture 5 graves to Cairo? Erich Von Strolain etc. Remember the arrogant young Nazi Lt. who shot at Frunchot Toue? Also remember the young Nazi in “The Moon is Down” who got stabbed in the back with shears by a Norwegian housewife? Well the other day I was in the Red Cross canteen and thought I recognized a young infantry Lt. I went over and spoke to him and come to find out it was this same young Nazi actor. Good memory huh? We talked for several minutes. His name is Ted Van Eych and he is a real German, now an American who left Germany because of Nazi oppression. He has two brothers in the German Army.
   Here are some pictures taken in Germany etc. Paste them in the Album for they are my only copies. The mail man is going out now so well hurry this one.


On the back of this photo was written freed French Prisoners of War.
On the back of this photo, it just had 2 G.I.s. 
(notice the top hats)
On the back of this photo was written, part of one days haul of prisoners.
 On the back of this photo was written, Battle of a stream. Notice the foxholes.
 Citadel at Cherbourg
 Hachen, Germany
 The back of the photo said, Scene of the last war.
 Back of this one said, Tomb of the Dead French soldiers with bayonets in air.
 This one said, I'm just getting off the tractor at Cherbourg Station.
 This one said, Trier, Germany from our train.
 This one said, Vapor trails of our planes.
in Luxembourg

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