Message in a Bottle--- Mother to Son Killed in Action

This story is about a Mother's love for her son, and son's love for his country, and a bottle with a message that, guided by unknown forces traveled 1,300 miles to be found by oil spill cleanup workers.
I was watching CNN this morning, and saw the story about Private James Prosser, a Welsh soldier, who gave his life in Afghanistan, in 2009. Sarah Adams, the mother of the soldier, wrote a message to her son, put it in a bottle, and the bottle traveled from Barbados where she put the bottle in the Ocean, to the coast of Mississippi, where it was found by oil cleanup workers. 
Now the world knows of her son, and the sacrifice he made for his country and family.     
To the family of Private James, Thank You. In war, there are all kinds of statistics kept, but one unknown statistics is the number of broken hearts.  

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