African American Marine WWII Letter 1943

This letter was written by an African American Marine, at Camp Lejuene, New River, North Carolina. The letter us undated, but the postmark is October , and the year looks like 1943. He was writing to a student at Louisiana Negro Normal, which is now Grambling State University. From the letter…..

   Still on the “run” baby but still thinking of you. Your are the most wonderful thing on earth to me. You are as precious as rubies and diamonds and as rare I’m sure. If it wasn’t for you, this would be more of a living hell than it is.
   The fellows are mad over your photo, but I don’t let them get too mad. I’ll be glad when I can sit down and write you a decent letter. I really have not time. There’s no table in my “hut” and nowhere else to go to write. We can’t touch our bunks (sacks we have to call them) until 10:45 PM. if at all that night. I’m now on the floor of my hut writing.
   I’m doing fine, I’ve secured the honor of platoon leader. It makes me more responsible, alert and etc. I know this, I love to stay on the ball all of the time.
    My D.I. (drill instructor) ran my platoon around some water barrels 200 times last night because one man missed out. I know this stuff already, but if another guy doesn’t you get punished too. We have to fill a water pail with thimbles in about 30 minutes from now. I’m making it alright. I’ll write as soon as I can get time.

Lovingly yours,

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