Marianna Army Air Field WWII Letter Pilot in Training March 1944

This letter was written by a pilot in training, who was at Marianna Army Air Field, Marianna, Florida. The letter was written March 29, 1944. From the letter…..

Hey Gruesome,

   What happened to you? Did you break your arm or did my last letter make you mad at me for the duration? I had a dream about you last night so I thought I’d write and find out what’s doing with you lately.
   Say, if that date’s still on as far as you’re concerned start powdering your nose for if I don’t kill myself in my night flying I’ll be down to get you in about three weeks. Are you going to wear your horned rimmed glasses or are they just for special occasions?
   Mom isn’t going to let any grass grow under my feet for she’s already made train reservations for me to leave here the same day I graduate. It sounds good if it will only work out that way. The way things are going I should be finished my flying about a week before graduation providing we have good weather. I’ve already finished up with my instrument flying, formation, acrobatics, and transition and all I have left are night and day cross countries. I’ll probably take my first night cross country tonight if it doesn’t rain.
   Oh enough of that. What’s happening to you? Are you still working like a little beaver in school? Have you had any more gala affairs lately? When you get some spare time drop me a line. 



Anonymous said...

Who wrote that letter? My Grandpa was in Class 44-D at Marianna AAF during this time and he most likely knew whoever it was that wrote the letter. As I am researching his time in pilot training, any info on Marianna AAF and in particular, pilot Class 44-D, would be greatly appreciated.
You can reach me here:

The Reptile Guy said...

I don't post the names of the writers, out of respect for their families, unless given permission. I will see if I have any more letters from Marianna. I sent you an email, but maybe it was sent to your spam folder. Feel free to contact me anytime at

Hi! I'm Shanna. said...

My husband has been digitizing old negatives of his grandfather's (George Davis) who flew P-40's in WWII in the South Pacific. He went to Marianna where his first child was born in 1942. We do not know how long he was there but at least some of these pictures are from that time frame:
If you know of anyone who would be able to take a look at them and identify any thing or people in the photographs we would be most appreciative.

The Reptile Guy said...

Well, I don't know of anyone who could identify those particular photos, but hopefully someone will find the address you left, and be able to help you out.
We owe your husband's grandfather a great debt.
Thanks for sharing.