Soldier Killed in Action WWII Letter, Homefront

This is a letter on the home front, concerning the death of a soldier, dated May 10, 1945. From the letter…..

Dear Julie and John,

   It’s been a long time since I have written you, but this is a have too. I have bad news for you. Nicky was killed in action April 15, received letter from his commanding officer yesterday says he was killed instantly, in vicinity of Remscheid, Germany. His remains were interred in American Cemetery at Bruema?, Germany says Catholic Chaplain officiated. We have all taken it pretty hard and just can’t seem to believe he won’t be coming back. I haven’t the heart to write your mother, so will you please let her and your dad know. I know they will take it awfully hard, but I guess we have to take things as they come for we haven’t any choice.
   Joe and Paul are both in states. Both have Malaria fever, and Joe’s leg isn’t healed yet since he was in accident almost a year now. Is station at Cleveland, Paul is in Miami Florida. Neither of them look good both are awfully yellow looking and thin.
   Haven’t heard from Frank for almost two months now. The family at home is all well and Larry and Tommy are growing like weeds. Hoping these few lines find all your family well.
   Please let your mother know how are your family that are in the Service. Hope to hear from you soon. Sorry to have to give you this bad news.       

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