748th Bomb Squadron 457th Bomb Group WWII Letter

This letter was written from “Somewhere in England”, by an airman with the 457th Bomb Group, 748th Bomb Squadron. From the letter…..

   Received our swell letter and the beautiful Christmas card, and was certainly glad to hear from my best pal. Also received the swell present you sent. Thanks a million, Pal!
   I feel like a heel with every one sending me nice presents and cards and I have not sent a thing and here it is only four days till Christmas.
   Yes, it is getting pretty cool around here now. In fact it was snowing up in Leeds, where I pent my last pass. It’s been real foggy around here for the past few days. I’m getting worried about our waist and tail gunners. They went out on a mission two days ago, and haven’t returned yet. I think they landed at another field though. Sure hope so, as it was Mac’s last one.
   My pilot, (now a captain), radio operator, and navigator are all finished. Gritz (pilot) and Naversen (navigator) have already gone home! But I only have 26 missions, now, and I must make four more before I can make that wonderful trip.
    Toady I received my fourth Oak Leaf Cluster to my Air Medal, and I’ve been recommended for the Distinguished Flying Cross. Sure hope I get it, as that’s one medal I’ve always wanted.
   I went to town night before last, and had a swell time with the fellows. (yes, fellows) I left the girls alone for a change. I’m getting disgusted with these English girls. I went to bed at 2 A.M. last night, and slept till 2 P.M. yesterday stayed up till two o’clock this morning, reading a book.
   Yesterday, I received a swell letter from Colleen and a girl in Ill. Today. I received a nice letter from Betty, which I must answer tonight. Think I’ll stay in tonight, and write letters and read.
   I’ve been working a little this afternoon, putting two “beat up” bicycles into one piece, so I’ll have one to ride, for the remaining time I’ll be here.
Guess I’ll sign off for now, hiping to hear from my best Pal, again real soon.

So long,

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