33rd Armored Regiment Germany WWII Letter POW

   This letter was written on May 17, 1945, by a soldier in Morfelden Germany. He was with Headquarter Company, 2nd Battalion, 33rd Armored Regiment. From the letter…..Just a few lines to let you know I am all right. Honey how are you and how are you getting along. I sure home all right. Well Honey all you hear over here is about the point system. Well if they go by that it will be a long time before I get out. My points are 26 months in service, 4 months overseas, and 1 battle star which equals 25 + 4 + 4 + 34 points. You see I need 51 more to get out. Well lets hope they change it to something else. So far there isn’t any new beside that going on over here. Honey you should have gotten one or two between 16 to 26 I think.
   Well about blue who wouldn’t be if you had to sit in a tank all the time. You wouldn’t only get blue you would get sore all over. I can’t remember where we were on the 26th. It must have been someplace where they let us rest up a day. Well I didn’t go through a lot that the other guys did but I went through enough since I have been over there. I know when I get out of her nobody had better ask anything about it. I know there is still a lot of guys younger than I am that isn’t in the service yet. No I was only a prisoner for only 20 hours or something like that. No you couldn’t get a telegram for at least 60 to 90 days if they would have taken us to one of their camps. I wrote to you the day after we were released. Honey that letter you got for the 16th was it very dirty? That was one of the letters I had ready to mail to you. You can keep that one and I will tell you and you only about it. Honey didn’t you know when I wrote to you what P.W. meant? I wrote to the whole family the day or so after we were held prisoners. No Honey that is not the place where we were captured. At Paderborn (?) we got some where I can’t tell you in writing, but we were near the Elbe River. In fact it was on the Mulde River about 3 miles before you got there. Honey I wrote to you the other day about General Rose at Nordhausen  but it was Paderborn where he was killed. Honey the guards that kept us in the basement that is the Germans they have us some of our K rations that they took off of our tanks, and tracks. They really did treat us swell. They know they had to because some of our outfit was coming in on them. Yes honey they took everything out of my right shirt pocket and my right and left pants pocket. I got new teeth and better ones now. Honey anything can happen in war time. Honey I don’t know how much money it will make you, I am going to send every cent I can to you. You need it worse than I do. Honey, I wish Japan would come out with that unconditional surrender, don’t you?
   No, we are not fighting anymore. Sorry to hear yo have to work overtime at the office. You should have enough time in to take off a day or two. I bet all the stores really had flags flying didn’t they. So far I have gotten 1 lb. of coffee which we probably will use in a day or two. Honey about the one thing you asked I can’t tell you. Tell all the folks I said Hello and hope they are in good health.

Closing with all the Love, Kisses and Hugs I can send ,      

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