305th Field Artillery Marine WWII Letter Sep. 1945

This letter was written by a Marine, who was with the 305th Field Artillery. The Letter was written on September 16, 1945. From the letter……

Hello People,

   I got the $25.00 yesterday afternoon and I am glad that you have at last heard from me. You know that I am still here on ?? And that I will soon leave for Japan and not home. I should leave here sometime this week.
   I believe that after I am in Japan for a month or so and things are running smooth, I should leave for that long ?? The radio said yesterday that 1,500,000 men were on their way home (that includes me) and that 1,300,000 would be released by X mas. In that case I should be home in January.
   Charlie Carr was sick. I don’t know what was wrong with him but it wasn’t too serious. He got sick and went to the hospital just before we left Okinawa so he couldn’t go with us, and I didn’t have a chance to go and see him. He came back to the outfit shortly after we got here.
   I didn’t think I told you before but if this war hadn’t stopped I would be just about leaving now for the invasion of Japan. The 77th was scheduled to be one of the six divisions to make the beachhead. I would probably have been in the second wave. 

*Note; this marine won a bronze star. The details of the citation are contained in a letter from his brother, who was with the 40th photo Recon. Sq.*

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