USS Oklahoma Letter written 1921

While this letter was written in 1921, long before that fateful day in December when the US was forced into WWII, it was written by a sailor serving aboard the USS Oklahoma.  The USS Oklahoma was one of the ships that took heavy losses during the attack by the Japanese on December 7, 1941. From the letter……

   If there’s anything I dread, it’s becoming tied down to routine work in an office, and even though I will have had four years, “seeing the world”, travel will always be attractive…….We are commencing our target practices now, and expect to have everything finished in two weeks. The navy isn’t doing the amount of firing it did last year in fact it’s in a condition often called dead broke……Did you know that since January there have been no promotions permitted either to officers or men? Probably by July, things will be better, but right now friend Josephus has left us in more or less of a hole……The nights, about 12 o’clock, become very chilly, causing quite a few colds aboard the ship. Go to sleep, so hot no blankets could be wanted at all, and wake up in a few hours, fairly shivering……….

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