USS Chenango Letter October 1942 WWII Ship

Written by a sailor aboard the USS Chenango, during WWII, in October 1942. From the letter…….

It may be a while between times from now on but I’ll write every chance I get and you know how I like to get mail from home. You won’t have to be sending it every day or so like you have been tho when I’ll only be getting it every two or three weeks maybe……I stood a watch alone this morning for the first time since I’ve been on them so I must be getting better. I didn’t have any trouble either… will notice that I’m only writing on one side of the pages for a change. I don’t know if they’ve started censoring yet, but they will some time so I’m not taking chances. It’s the proper thing anyway…….Scuttlebutt has it that we’ll have mail later……

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