WWII Letter From Kearns Utah Army Air Field 1944

Written by a soldier at Kearns, Utah Army Air Field, during WWII, in December 1944. From the letter......

I am all alone here now I mean all the fellows that were in my flight have gone. I am not supposed to go over seas again, according to some new rule that has just been enforced. I am supposed to be shipped to a base near home or stay here if I am needed. Listen Darling if I were to be stationed here, would you come and live with me here? If I were stationed here, I would have all my evenings at home with you. I can also get an apartment for $25.00 per month…….. Get K.P. quite often now that the fellows are gone Gee, I certainly hated to see them go. When the band played and they marched by me standing in front of the barracks, I just had to let a couple of tears roll down my cheeks. Because everyone that I know, waved good bye, and I know they and we will probably never ever meet again……..
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