WWII Letter Dorr Field Florida, October 1943


Written by and Air Cadet, at Dorr Field, Arcadia, Florida, during WWII, in October 1943. He was in training at the Riddle Aeronautical Institute. From the letter….. 

They’ll be calling you the “Café Society Princess” pretty soon. Whose band are you having this year? When you have your dance think of we cadets in the wilds of Florida who have to use their own orchestra and import (like vegetables) the girls from Miami and Sarasota. We have a swell orchestra, some of them played in name bands, but I doubt that it will compare with yours. So as you listen to your band you can say to yourself, aha, they may have palm trees and alligators, but they don’t have a band to compare with this one……..You know what? You’ve got my little brain going around like the propellers on a P-38 (two different ways at once)……I guess I’d better quit wasting your time and let you do your work. Besides I may fly tomorrow so I’d better go to bed early for a change…….
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