WWII Letter 919th Field Artillery Germany March 23, 1945

This letter was written on March 23, 1945, by a soldier who was with the 919th Field Artillery Battalion. He was in Germany at the time he wrote the letter. Some excerpts from the letter……..

Dearest Darling,

Tonight I am of course in Germany, and in a town, and drinking Germany beer which isn’t bad at all. This is about all I can tell you……..Maybe if you listen to the radio or read the paper about the Third Army, you can find out more. At any rate honey, I am feeling fine, although a little scared once in a while, but I guess I will get use to it. Hundreds of others are plenty scared here too, even more than I. One thing I have seen not long ago, and it might sound like a lie or some crazy story, but it is true. I have seen Germans walking back to our lines and surrendering all by them selves. Sometimes five or six, sometimes one or two. They would walk along the road, with a white flag and head to the nearest town where we had plenty more as prisoners.

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