Marine Bomber Killed in Action WWII Letter March 29, 1944

 This letter was written by a S/Sgt., who was with a Marine Bomber Unit. He was killed in action, in September of 1944. He was first listed as Missing in Action, and then later declared dead. This letter was written March 29, 1944, from El Centro California. From the letter…..

   One more step in the progress of climbing the ladder. I made Staff Sgt. Today. It is about time but I guess I cannot kick. It is really a big help though as it makes me a Senior Non Commission Officer which means quite a bit in the Marine Corp. One year and five months I have been in service. Seems like 10 years. And still no signs that I will get out in the near future. But we will keep our hopes high darling as we have so very much to live for.
   I went on a Navigation hop last night and surprised myself by coming back to the base on time. Really surprised my pilot more I think. I never will be able to understand the secrets of all the math behind this Navigation but then I never did claim to be a wizard on the subject. Remember I said that if I ever made Staff I would ask you if you would come to me. I realize how foolish I was now to expect you to come 6000 miles to be with me for a few days. We will be here indefinitely now. I don’t know what happened but we will not go out for a month anyway. They must be saving us for something really good. I received your letter honey and I wish you would be careful.
   You know I would love to be there to rub your back and also your legs and even your whole body. I’ll bet you would like it too. We will do a lot of things like that dear when we are together again. It is the simple things that are the best in this life as I have found out. Give Mom and Dad my love and tell them to be patient with my family and I will reward them someday. Give Bernie a big kiss for me and tell him I think of him every day. Maybe someday he will fly with Daddy. Give the baby a big hug and tell him he had better be able to say Daddy before I come home or I will be very unhappy. I must close but only in writing as my thoughts are yours at all times.

Till that day I’ll be yours forever,
Loving you,

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