Camp Blanding Florida WWII Letter, July 26, 1944

 This letter was written by a soldier at Camp Blanding Florida, July 26, 1944. At the time, he was with Company C, 214th Battalion. From the letter…..
  Well how are you all getting along? I hope all right. I sure was glad to hear from you all. I am going to try to be a good soldier. I bet you are glad you are out of school. I know I was. I was sorry I could not come out and see you all when I was up there. I sure will be glad when I can get out of this camp for a day or two. I sure would like to see Mother and all the rest. It is hot down here, we have a big lake and we go in swimming every Sunday and it is a nice lake.
   It will be 10 more long weeks before I will get a furlough then. I.V. is out in the west somewhere we have not heard from him since he left. He said he was going to9 fight the Japs somewhere. I told him I hope to meet him in Japan. The officers in our outfit think we might go to the West Coast. Well I will write Mother now.


P.S. Tell your mother I will write her later.

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