British RAF WWII Letter From India 1944

 This letter was written by a British Soldier, who was with the Royal Air Force, in India, August 16, 1944. From the letter…..

Dear Mum,
   Well here I am again writing to you. I have already written one letter to you earlier this evening, but things seem a bit quite for the time being so I will try and fill this letter up with something of a sort. If the mosquitoes will give me a chance, they seem to be very busy tonight.
   Before starting this letter I have been reading the local rags. I have had four just recently. I’ve had them all for May now. They seem to be carrying on in the same old way. One thing about having them, is that I read much more of them than what I did at home. I always look forward to them so let them all come.
   I had an airgraph from Miss Harris yesterday telling me about the present she also mentioned about Bubbles being dead, I guess the nights are much more peaceful now. I’m sorry to hear that the has gone, he was reaching a ripe old age, about 125 or so if I remember right. Talking of dogs, How’s dinkie getting on these days? Still got her I suppose, and how’s the cat family still as many as ever? By the way does Freddie still keep his rabbit or is he too busy with parades etc: or maybe with Babs. Must be something in ti when he don’t go with his pals. Maybe he’s taking an interest in fishing?
   Glad to hear that Ag is getting on okay with her American Boy Friend and that you all like him, remember me to him when he next comes round.
   So the old boat is still going strong, oh boy am I looking forward to the snaps, I hope they turn out alright. Tell Bags she could have done no better for me than bringing her camera and taking the snaps. I am on the lookout for them already. As anything come of the other photo effort I told you about? If they haven’t come round about it yet and if they do, if ever, you might let them know my address at this place, as I only put RAF India, because I didn’t’ know where I might be, of course if they have already been round it doesn’t matter they w3ill reach me sometime.
   How did Ron get on his medical? I hope he passed okay, because I do know that he does want to join the RAF. If only for a good job in civil aviation after the war. If I had been okay for the last course I was on it would have been a good job for after the war. Since I’ve been back, I’ve heard that one of the lads passed the course okay and is now a Sgt. Nice work if you can get it.
   The camp cinema is still going strong. I’ve been going to most of the shows since I’ve been back. So far I haven’t’ seen any of the pictures before. I should have liked to have seen tonight's picture. “Seven days leave” have you seen it? Just think of it 2 years ago I was having seven days leave. I haven’t had any leave since I have been out here yet. The food on the camp has improved a lot whilst I was away, which is a good job after being where we could buy what we wanted. The weather here is very nice. It’s a bit warm during the day, but at night it gets quite cool, tonight I put on a jersey as it was cold sitting here writing. Today we had a few showers, the monsoons are not over by any means yet. During the last fortnight in July it rained practically every day.
   If Stan is still on leave and you see him remember me to him. Tell him to get all the leave he can. It’s easier to get it at home than out here. One of the lads was inquiring about railway fare to go and meet his brother-in-law. It would cost him about  5 to get to the place he would be staying at. Well I guess I’ve just about filled the letter up, so Cheerio for now.

Lots of love, 

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