34th Bomb Squadron, 17th Group WWII Letter, Lt. Killed in Action 1944

 This letter was written by a Lieutenant, who was with the 34th Bomb Squadron, 17th Group. He never came home. He is buried in an American Cemetery, in Italy. He is writing to his wife. From the letter…..

My Dearest One,

   Hope you haven’t given up hope of ever hearing from me. Today would have been six days without writing. I really couldn’t’ help it sweet. I was out with Hill trying to see a bit of the country over here (hitch hiking). Will tell you all about it tomorrow, really had quite a time but missed my ?? Very much.
   I will try to answer all of your questions.  The first question you asked if I would be home by July, well I doubt that in fact I’m sure that I won’t because it is already July. Not even sure about September. (2) For the second or third time dear, not the fifth Army, I’m in the Air Force. (3) No I haven’t been in the invasion. (4) Yes we fly after 60 missions. (5) the 4th answers this one (6) H. (7) Yes darling I remember you and I mean really, just as though we had only been apart for a day or two, really sweet I can’t even forget you for a minute. (8) No sweet I haven’t changed even a little, the war couldn’t have much effect on me, at least I haven’t notice any difference. (9) Yes sweet, with all my heart I love you. (10) Do I? and I also might add that I am being very very true to you just as I told you I would be. (11) Yes sweet I do say my prayers every night, without fail.
   Had quite a batch of mail waiting for me today when I came back, 11 from you and five others. Not to bad for twelve days.
   Well sweet must close for now, will write often from now on, so don’t forget to love me.
   I love you sweet with all my heart and sold. Goodnight sweetheart and a million kisses.

Always your husband,  

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