WWII Letter from Okinawa August 1945 807th EAB

This letter was written by a soldier who was in Okinawa, August 17, 1945. The letter is written on Red Cross letterhead. He was in the 807th Engineer Aviation Battalion. From the letter.....  

 Hi Honey,
   Just finished a letter to Mother and now can write to my sweetheart.
   I am kinds glad you didn’t get the treasurer job again this year that the reunion. You have enough work to do. Yes, I certainly would have enjoyed being there. Maybe nest year.
   Tell the little ones hello. Also the rest of our family. Of course my dear I wouldn’t care if you wrote with pencil. You could write with a hair pin like Blondie did but be sure if you do that you press hard. I’m glad everyone thought the letter was interesting. I will be able to tell you lots of interesting things sometime. When the wind is howling around the corner of the house and we are setting before our own fireplace. Gee won’t that be nice.
   Well Dear, have some work to do, so for this time. I love you and miss you terribly.

Love to all, 

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