Camp Maxey Texas November 11, 1944 WWII Letter

This letter was written by a soldier in training at Camp Maxey, Texas, November 11, 1944. He was being trained in Anti Aircraft Artillery. In the letter was an Anti Aircraft shoulder patch, with AA on it. From the letter……

My Only Darling,
   Here he is again that old husband of yours and loving you as always darling.
   Lt. Martin has gone with the rest of the Lts. Perhaps good riddance, who knows. He gave me quite a loine before he went. Am tired of this mix-up and will be glad when it is all over.
   Go before a board tomorrow which is a big farce and then we break up Wed. and scatter to the four winds. We will go though 6 weeks of real tough grinding training and then we will be replacements for overseas. Does not sound very interesting after all we have been though. They broke a Com. Sgt. In another Gp. Here after two weeks so I am expecting it soon. I fear I will make a very poor pvt. I shall do as little as I can and still get along. Feel half sick over it.
   I wish I would get a letter from you darling. I know they are on the way and they sure will look good. There is nothing I would like right now more than a letter from you sweetheart. Rather have you though.
   Been a really warm day here darling and it seems funny after being back in Suffolk. It gets quite cold at night here though and I had two blankets over me last night.
   Have a little package of field rations I am going to send as I can have the mail clerk send it. The P.O. is some distance from here. It is the most spread out thing I have ever seen. There must be a heck of a lot of men here and they are arriving by the hundreds from A.A. The Col. Gave us a talk and said they were  breaking it all up so you see I am not any worse off than loads of others. It may turn out OK in the end you can never tell.
   Have not said a thing about the election. Sure was a bad one and I am glad that you got to vote for the right man. Your conscience can be clear anyway. Wish I had done as much. Have never voted in my life. Was quite a surprise to hear that you got to vote.
   Sweetheart I must take my shower and go to bed. I will lay there and dream about you my sweetheart. I just lay and miss you till I drop off to sleep. Good night and God bless you, my darling.

Love and Kisses,    

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