British Sailor Royal Navy WWII Letter Air Station Yeovilton June 25, 1944

 This letter was written by a sailor, in the British Royal Navy. At the time he wrote the letter, June 25, 1944, he was at Speckington Mess, R.N. Air Station, Yeovilton. His handwriting is a little hard to read, so if I have a doubt on a word, I will put a question mark. From the letter…..

Dear folks,
   You see I have made the change and it is certainly for the better! Four of us came together leaving Chatham in the morning, lunch in London, and arriving here just after tea. Transport met us at the station and brought us up here where Murphy met me at the gate so I was soon settled in. I’ve met Taylor too and one or two other semi-familiar faces.
   As you se we are attached to a Fleet Air Arm place but are a mile away from them in a few Nisson? Huts set in an orchard next door to a farm. Apple trees are all around usk, wild roses growing in the hedges, and all the country round about is soft farm land, whilst the villages are all quaint thatched roof places. But I suppose Dad will know the type. The nearest village is 2 miles and the next small market town 4 miles, so I hired? A bike this morning, 10/6 for a week and we had a run around within the 8 mile radius. This afternoon I slept comfortably in my bed, it is just like Steve’s billet at Purbright?.
   Tim has a date tonight so I’ve arranged to meet him at ?? later on where we can sample the local cider. Beer is pretty scarce I’m told.
   Tomorrow we start our course and for this purpose we go to a manor? a couple of fields away. It’s a nice non-service atmosphere and if the course goes as well as I expect, I’m sure I’m going to like it here.
‘   Please send me these as soon as you can, a writing pad, a face-cloth, one of my cigarette cases, my last diary and whilst I’m here you might send me a bit of pie or something now and again but not much at a time, about half what you sent last time. This is my last sheet of paper so cheerio for now.


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