USS Enterprise Letter October 12, 1939

This letter was written by a sailor serving aboard the USS Enterprise, in October 12, 1939. From the letter…..

   Just arrived in Honolulu today Thursday October 12th. I can’t get any dope on what this darn ship is going to do. We sent all the planes over to the air station out here today. So the work will not be so hard for a while. To tell you the truth no one knows what the ships out here are going to do. I heard that we are going back to Norfolk, but don’t make any plans.
   Dear I hope you wrote your mother and explained how things are. I am going to write but it will take about 25 days for her to get it. That is regular postage. Air Mail goes out 1 time a week, I think, and that is 20 cents. I had $1.50 when I went to sea. I bought some paper, 2 air mail stamps, soap, shoe laces, white polish, and a hair cut. I am broke now until payday, but I am all right, so I have to mail my other letter regular postage. I have not been ashore yet. But I am going to have a picture made for you, when I do go.
   All of the movies they show on the ship is one I have seen. And I hate to go anyhow because I get my clothes dirty as we are wearing whites.  I stand up a lot (smile) now.
   We got some swing music on the radio this afternoon. They have been playing Hawaiian music, it is all right but they don’t play much love songs. Baby be sweet and take care of your self.

Love and Kisses,

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