Royal Canadian Air Force Lieutenant's WWII letter

This letter was written by a Lieutenant, who as in the Royal Canadian Air Force. I am not sure where he is writing from, but he is writing to a lady in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. From the letter, July 15, 1943.……

   I received your very swell letter yesterday with the sox enclosed. If you only knew how quickly I wear out sox you would know how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Thanks a lot.
   Well, very soon I expect to be back at the old stomping grounds where I first met you, so you can be prepared for the worst, you know what the gang are like.
   Lately we have had some pretty ?? Sessions here and boy I’m a wreck. Frank who is now a pilot officer arrived back and we had quite a party. I certainly was glad that Frank got his commission because he is a swell fellow.
   Well, it
‘s harder than ever to write anything from here, now that I know I will be back soon. So until then, it may be quite a while, you had better be well rested for the arrival of the old gang. So long for now and try to stay sober on that 13 ozs a month.


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