Ordnance School Aberdeen Proving Ground Maryland WWII letter, May 1943

 This letter was written by a soldier who was in training at the Ordnance School, at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, May 15, 1943. He was writing to a sailor aboard the USS PC 1192. This soldier was not a very good speller, and I will change much of his spelling for easier reading. From the letter…..

   Got your letter the other day. Yes, they finally got me in the army. I am all through basic training and what do you think after 5 weeks in the army they make me a Corporal or the right rating is, T/5, the stripes are like this. This gets me $66.00 a month instead of $50.00, but I have to go to school for eight hours a day  and two hours Friday night. It is a pretty tough course. Most all the boys are college fellows, I do not know ho the hell they got me in with them, but a lot of the mathematics is away over my head.
   I am going to stick it out, and maybe I will get another rating. We are studying electricity and mathematics, they really pile it on.
   Yes, I saw Bud the last time he was home, but I did not know Garrett was a 2nd Lt.
   I guess it makes a lot of difference what outfit you are in, I guess Hatty is in the Infantry, and that is hard to get a good rating in.
   I am glad I got in the Ordnance School, all the fellows around here get good brakes. They come from all different Companys of the army, all over the U.S. I will be here for about 11 weeks or till July 24, then I do not know where they will send me.
   As far as I know everything is OK at home. Got a letter from Agnes the other day. She says she is due any day. You know Burt is somewhere on a island in the Pacific I guess.
   I see you are still on the Good Ship P.C. 1192, I suppose that is a little bigger than the “Mystery”, or the Sally.
   The war is beginning to look better fro us now, since the Germans are all out of Africa.

Keep them sailing,
And good luck 

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