Navy Air Cadet WWII Letter Athens, Georgia 1944

 This letter was written by a U.S. Navy Air Cadet, in Pre-Flight School, in Athens, Georgia, November 25, 1944. During WWII, there was a Pre-Flight School at the University of Georgia, so that is where this sailor was probably located. The letter is written on United States Navy, Naval Aviation letterhead. From the letter……

   I’m really glad that It’s Saturday again so formations and activities won’t come quite so often for a while. These past two weeks have really been hectic--honestly. I believe I’ve been busier than ever before while in the Navy.
   We had a Captain’s inspection last night which kept us standing by all evening. It wasn’t so bad but it did occupy a lot of time.
   I’ll bet you really enjoyed Thanksgiving since you had the day off. Although we didn’t have any time off, we had a very nice Thanksgiving dinner which reminded me of home, still spoilt, I guess!
   I know that you hate your father’s being transferred to Valdosta since he won’t get home very often.
   I guess you think I’m a pretty sorry guy by the way I’ve been writing lately, but no kidding, I’ve hardly had time to even sit down.
   I did enjoy your last letter very much and I’ll try to write more promptly in the future. Am I forgiven?
   By the way, I’ve been thinking a lot about next week-end and I’m looking forward to seeing you again. Do write soon and be good.

Lots of love,

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