Japan Occupation Lt.'s WWII Letter November 1, 1945

 This letter was written by an Army Lt. who was in Japan, as part of the Army of Occupation, November 1, 1945. From the letter…..

   More mail today. Things are on the up. Have all your mail now up to October 21st, which is very good. Only hope that mine is getting to you in as good time.
   Enjoyed the many clippings and will look up the Treadwell boy tomorrow. Am listening to Australia on the radio.
   Went into Tokyo last night and had some pictures taken. Sent for them tonight and will enclose one if he gets them. Saw some taken by the same studio and they were good so I have high hopes.
   I’m sending you a package tomorrow, it’s a sampler to see if they get there in good shape and time. The kimono needs cleaning and is second rate. Be explicit how it arrives. I have others but want to see how one makes the trip. The dishes are of no value except there is a story attached t them. I got them in Okinawa. They will make good ash trays. Perhaps Betty would like a few of them, she understands things like design and stuff. Do what ever you like with them, but save at least one to remind me of the story.
   Lt. Butler went off to the 11th Replacement Depot at Tachakawa?? Today. He’ll be on a ship and homeward bound by Sunday I suppose. He was very excited and nervous. He’s been over 36 months, a mighty long time. He may go to N.Y.C. this winter. I gave him your address and telephone number so you’ll be getting a call one of these days, in Jan. or Feb. I suppose. I know you’ll like the little guy. He’s quite small but has a lot of good principals which I know you like.
   One of the departing officers gave me an air mattress today so I’ll be floating on air while I sleep. Ain’t I livin in luxury?
   A lot more of the lads leave tomorrow. I’m down to 98 EM now. During the coming week at least 30 more will be processed. They will most likely leave here before the end of the month.
   Mt. Fujiyama can easily be seen from our tent area and this morning it was covered with new fallen snow and it was very beautiful. Lots of fellows were taking pictures of it and I will one of these days.
   Don’t let snow on Fuji fool you, today I went most all day without a coat on. We have N.C. weather. Hot days and cold nites. But we have our stove and I have plenty of blankets.
   I’m getting a new jeep tomorrow. It only has 850 miles on it. A new type sent helps ease the bumps. Jeep riding is hard work. Most  broke my butt in the Philippines. It is the best jeep on the base, at least.
   This is all for now honey. Be a good kid and thanks for writing so often.

Best love,

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