Camp Shelby Mississippi WW2 Letter September 2, 1944

This letter was written by Private, in training at Camp Shelby, Mississippi, September 2, 1944. At the time he wrote the letter, he was with Company F, 260th Infantry. From the letter…..

   Well, how are things going Blacky. I hope that you haven’t moved yet and you are still in Fort Knox. How is the weather up there? It is sure hotter than blazes down here and where do you think I landed in the infantry  a rifle company but the company commander is going to try and get us in the field artillery and I sure hope he succeeds as I don’t want any part of this outfit. We live in one story huts and I mean huts. Everything around th huts is dirt and wooden paths to walk on and it hasn’t failed to rain at least once a day since I landed here and during the day you have to have a pass to go to the PX service club or even to get a hair cut. After retreat you can go in them and they have pretty good beer here. They sell pints and quarts and what a line you have to stand in to get to the counter to get it. They say that this Division is going to move out of here and they say it is going to Camp Attabury up in Indianapolis and I hope that we move and get out of this hot place. As there isn’t much more I can talk about and tell the family I was asking for them and so until later,

Your friend,

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