Camp Parks, California WWII Letter Jan. 9, 1945

This letter was written by a Navy sailor, who was at Camp Parks, California, during WWII, January 9, 1945. The letter was written on United States Navy letterhead. From the letter…… 

   Have you heard the new number More and More and Less and Less or something like that? Durbin sings it in her new picture. Saw a pip of a Hockey game at Frisco Saturday night. Reminded me of old Hershey. The last moments found a free for all and ended with 4 men in the penalty box. Duffirs?? Tavern broadcast from here the other night and some LIFE photographers were present so look for a CB issue. It was like spring in Frisco this weekend, how’s the snow? Well the Opera season opens tonight with Carmen. I think I’ll attend Aida Wednesday and maybe Faust Saturday. Dick and his boys are doing a swell job as are they all!! Even the 4’fs are getting called and here we sit!! I could do with you and your fireplace tonight!!! 


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