WWII and Other Veteran Tribute Pages

The websites listed here pay tribute to one individual who served in WWII, or some other war, or are currently active. If you know of a tribute page, or have one for a relative let me know (heroletters@aol.com), and I will add it to the list.
WWII Tribute Pages
  Hugh C. Lipsius  WWII
  Lynn K. Junkett  WWII
  Robert G. Willenbaker WWII
  Albert Rankin WWII
  Harry E. West Sr. WWII
  James J. Cox WWII
  Sylvan Ralph Lucier WWII
  May Albertine Buelow Alm WWII
  Bernhardt Maurice Alm WWII
  Josef Maria van Duinhoven WWII
  Russel Halvor Mathiason WWII
  Warren Weidenburner WWII
  Clifford Eugene Audinet WWII
  Ben Porath WWII


Operation Iraqi Freedom
  Casey A. Sheehan 
  John J. Young Page 1  John J. Young page 2
Operation Enduring Freedom

  James Prosser

Active US Marine Corps

  Right Wing Wiz Kid    A site ran by the proud parents of PFC Holly Andrews, to follow her life in the U.S. Marine Corps. Also USMC posts, as well as political posts. Good luck to Holly, and thank you for your service to our country.

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