Pine Camp New York WWII Letter 1943

This letter was written by a soldier, who was in training at Pine Camp New York. He was writing to another soldier, who was at Schick General hospital, Clinton, Iowa, July 9, 1943. From the letter…..

   I received your letter today, and since we are getting Sat. Afternoons off I will try to scribble a few lines.
   Our training schedule here is plenty tough. We have 14 hours a day of work and training; which consists of exercises ; close order drill, and then actual work; with one hour thrown in for playing ball of some variety. We also have to go over the obstacle course twice a week, and it is a pretty tough one.
   We go on the firing range next week and I have to give instructions on guns all next week. Which includes 30 cal. machine gun, 50 cal. machine gun, 45 Thompson sub-machine, revolver, 37 MM, 75 MM. I’ve had guns thrown at me until I’m almost gun betty. If I ever get out of here alive, and someone mentions guns to me I’ll knock them in the head.
   This camp up here is pretty nice. It is sandy around here just like “Camp Cooke”, but we have two real nice theaters, although some of the other buildings aren’t as nice. We’re just an eight hour ride from here to New York City, and only eight miles from Water Town New York, which has a population of 30,000. It is also just 23 miles from the Canadian border.
   I hope you get out of the hospital soon if you want out. About 2/3 of the fellows here would like to get into SCU, and there is just about that many that should.
   Our first Sgt. Was busted down to a private this week, which was pretty rough, as he had only been in the army about 15 years. This bunch has really gone to the dogs. They go over the hill, don’t come back off of a pass, and every kind of up you could think of.
   You said you hadn’t received a letter from me for quite a while. I sent you one just before I left Tenn., but you probably haven’t received it since you have moved.
   Where is Bob located now? Also where is Clayton? Or have you heard anything about him? You know Carl my cousin? He is in Africa. He is a Lieutenant.
   Well, we are going to have a beer party here this evening, so you had better drop over and have a brew. The way I feel right now I think I’ll see just how drunk I can get, maybe I’ll feel better.

Your Pal,  

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