Myrtle Beach Bomber and Gunnery Range WWII Letter 3rd Airdrome Squadron 1943

This letter was written by a soldier in training during WWII, at Myrtle Beach Bomber and Gunnery Range, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, February 26, 1943. From the letter……

   Hello Honey, how you doing? We had shots again today, Cholera and Tetanus, boy are my arms sore, but I’ll get over that pain, but my poor lonesome heart won’t get better till we are together again. Before I forget wish your dad a happy birthday for me. We can’t get to town very often now, so I can’t send him a card also think him for the letter for me.
   We had a sex hygiene picture and  talk by the Chaplain today everybody liked the chaplain very much I was surprised how quiet they were while he talked, he is from Fla., tall, blond, and handsome. In his talk he made you realize why you really wanted to go home and to go home with out having messed around and taken chances on disease that you could transfer to your wife etc.
   Well honey I love you very much and never have you off my mind.


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