Iwo Jima WWII Letter 21st Fighter Group Sept. 1945

This letter was written by a Pfc., who was at Iwo Jima September 20, 1945. He was with the 21st Fighter Group. From the letter….

   Received your letter of Sept. 6th the other day, and was happy to hear from you. I didn’t get around to writing any sooner because I have been so darn busy. We had 30 medics now we only have 10. So you can see why or what I mean when I say we’re busy. I’m driving an ambulance and have to sit on the air strip for twelve hours a day, sweating in the planes.
   We are leaving for Tinian pretty soon, we are to take over air defense of the Marianas. Our system here on moving the high point men is going along smoothly now. They are mow down to the 80-85 pointers. I hope that you will get a break soon. I’m sure you will be home for Christmas.
   Well fellow I must close now, I hope for you that you will be home soon. So for now, so long and lots of luck.

Your pal,

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