Hunter Field Georgia WWII Letter April 1943

This letter was written by a soldier in training at Hunter Field, Savannah, Georgia, during WWII, April 27, 1943. He was with the 76th Airdrome Squadron. From the letter…..

   About 9 PM not AM. It takes 23 hours approximately most of the time is spent on the trip between here and Atlanta Georgia.
   I was out to the seashore yesterday, with two other fellows. It is swell out there but you weren’t there. Not much excitement, big transport boasts were passing all the time we were there and the porpoise fish you know, were in schools just about 50 feet off shore. I tried to take some pictures of them but they didn’t stay on the surface long enough for me to catch them.
   Gee honey just 20 more days then you in  my arms. I am waiting anxiously for the picture of you in the new dress. The dress I know is necessary but why the pants? If they are as cute as you say, why waste money on them, they won’t be noticed anyway. Now censor it Ha Ha. But you know it’s true, and I think you like it.
   The 3rd left today for San Francisco, California. Am I glad I am not with them. My furlough may be short so be prepared for a quick one I may only have 7 days all together traveling and all, on the other hand I may get 15 days. Some mystery. Don’t forget keep your fingers crossed I think I’ll make it.
I’ll be there soon,

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