Furth Germany WWII Letter Czechoslovakia and Austria May 1945

Rec. your letter of May 31, today, so decided I’d answer right away and get caught up on all correspondence.
   Last Sunday I went down to Pilsen in Czechoslovakia. It was nice to be some place where you could talk to the civilians. Quite a few down there speak ‘English. Then last Tuesday I went to Linz (?) in Austria. The non-fraternization rules there are same as in Germany, Czechoslovakia, and Southern Germany are much like the states, with nice modern homes and good roads. Austria is more like all of Europe was. It is chiefly a farming country. Everyone was out haying men and women kids and old people. Nearly all hay was being cut with scythes. I saw only seven or eight mowing machines. They were even using wheelbarrows and little four wheeled wagons to take their hay in. Some even carried it in from fields in sacks on their backs. The majority had small one or two horse wagons.
   Nearly all homes were big square buildings there, and served as house, barn, woodshed, and work shop, all in one. In Germany nearly all farmers live in little villages but in Austria many live right on their farms as in the states.
   One week we got an official announcement that we go to Pacific next week. We are told it is A.O. over here. This is the week for A.O. announcement5, and today it came. Guess will find out for sure someday.   

Good luck,

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