Aviation Engineer Okinawa WWII Letter August 24, 1945

This letter was written by a soldier on Okinawa, August 24, 1945. This soldier was with the 807th E.A.B. during WWII. This soldier is very frustrated, and wants to come home after 6 years of service. Enclosed with the letter is an impassioned type written plea for he and other Aviation Engineers (photos of it are below, and can be viewed larger by clicking on the photo). From the letter……..

   This letter is rather on the business side. Enclosed is some information which I wish you to read and pass around. Also if you don’t feel you can write a letter, you might have Ben read this, him being the head of the V.F.W. post there at home. I feel sure he will see fit to write a letter to the proper authorities. We, I say we because all of us fellows are hoping that our families will do something about this situation.
   As you know my dear I have completed 6 years in the Army, four and one half years have been over seas in lonely outposts. I have 111 points. We men feel it only just that we be allowed the privilege to get home to our loved ones.
   This data fully explains the case. I wish to add that the returnees from her are moving too slow.
   Please have someone do something. Because it will help others as well as me.
   Thank you my dear. I hope everyone at home is well.

 My love,

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