Advanced Flying School Marianna, Florida WWII Letter 1944

This letter was written by an Air Cadet (Pilot in training), at Marianna, Florida, Advanced Flying School. The letter was postmarked April 1, 1944. From the letter……
   Your letter arrived and all is forgiven. That story you gave which I believe, is really new and unique and I may use it myself sometime if I happen to think of it in time.
   You know you really scare me when you keep telling me how you’ve changed and definitely not for the better. You have me envisioning all sorts of things about you and that’s not good for morale. You probably drink like e a veteran, chew tobacco, swear like a trouper and all in all you’re probably incorrigible. I won’t even go into detail of how you have me imagining that you look. It’s horrible!
   Maybe I’ve changed a little myself, but not too much. I’m a lot wiser in the ways of life, I’m more sure of what I want, and I’m probably a bit more capable of standing on my own two feet. It all depends upon how one looks at it whether my changes are for the better or the worse.
   I’m afraid I won’t be home during your Easter vacation so don’t expect me. You see we graduate on the 15th and I’ll leave here the 16th and get home the 17th. A little late isn’t it? Oh well I’ll probably get to see you the following week end if not before. Do you go home for the week end or do you stay up at school. Let me know how, when and if I can get in touch with you during the week.
   I’m just about through now with only 14 more flying hours to go. Six of those are night cross countries and the rest are day cross countries. Thanks for praying for me old gal I really appreciate it. Write soon.


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