843rd Signal Service Battalion WWII Letter 1943

 This is letter was written by a soldier who was with the 843rd Signal Service Battalion, and spent time in Canada and Alaska. This letter was written January 16, 1943. From the letter…..

   Saturday, one more lonely Saturday to add to a long string of lonely Saturdays. My work is done for the day, and I’m in my room now. I’m not going to stay in tonight, for I know too well, that I’ll be thinking too much of other Saturdays, when we were together. In a little while I’m going to meet a couple of the boys, who also work in the message center, and take in a movie. By popular decision, we’ve decided to see “Now Voyager”, I was hoping it would come here. I did so want to see ti after you recommended it so well to me.
   I received a letter from Karl today, he writes that the draft board pulled a dirty trick on Hy, that he has to report for induction the 21st of January, after they told him he could finish his term, and he wouldn’t have to report till some time in February. Hy is rather looking forward to joining the Khaki brotherhood. I’m glad that he does have the right attitude and isn’t considering what he’ll be losing but rather what he will be gaining. If he’s accepted, I’m sure he’ll have no trouble finding his place in Uncle Sammy’s army. I hope only one thing, that Mamma won’t carry on when he goes. How’s she taking it, like the good “soldier” I hope she is? Honey if there’s anything you can do to cheer her up a little, you will try I know. Just remind her how well I’ve fared in a uniform. Somehow, I feel certain that he’ll fare just as well, if not better. Do they still give the draftees two weeks leave after they’ve been accepted? I hope so, then he can be home for his birthday, this year, and let’s hope that his birthday next year, we can all be together at home again to help him celebrate, and we’ll both be wearing civilians again.
   I better stop now dear, I have to meet the boys soon. Please forgive this short letter.


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