USS Bristol, Kure Japan, December 9, 1945 WWII Letter

This letter was written by a sailor serving aboard the USS Bristol, December 9, 1945. At the time, his ship was at Kure, Japan. From the letter…..

   Merry Christmas Mother and Dad,
   Many happy returns of the day. How I would like to go home and be with you but it is not possible this year. However next year all of us will have to be together. I should be released from the Navy by then.
   Here is a little sketch of the Bristol I worked on last night. She’s a pretty ship as you can see; the drawing is accurate and not “fixed up”.
   Of the boxed I have sent home, you will find one contains some uniforms. I do not need these and I can not sell or get rid of them out here. I still have two suits I shall probably never wear again. I will try to get rid of them when I get released next spring. There are many duplicate things which you may give away. The pajamas are for Mother Mildred, or Ilene, same with neckerchiefs. The set of three nestled dishes is for whoever want them. Bud can have some of the coins and money. The tablecloth might be nice at home. The porcelain nut cups may be nice somewhere around home although there aren’t enough for a big dinner. There are numerous fans; some are rather nice, all are fragile. Distribute the souvenirs around all you wish- they are for everyone at home. I hope that those boxes do arrive before Christmas. My last letter is a Christmas letter ,too, but it is not as nice as this one. I have spent about four or five hours on the picture alone in this one. But it is a labor of love! I have enjoyed the drawing a lot. I with I could have put the Old English in colored ink but it looks pretty good as it is.
   I imagine this Christmas Day, you will be having all the family down for dinner, and Grandma if she is able. Well take a bite of turkey and a look at the tree for me. We will probably have turkey and all the trimmings with ice cream for desert. Holiday routine will last all day. We will probably hear lots of fine Christmas music broadcast from the states. The radio had better be all right because I don’t want to be fixing any of them. We may be at sea or we may be in port. Personally, I hope it is the latter.
   Our weather here at Kure these last few days has been fine: high scattered clouds, visibility unlimited, seas calm, clear skies, bright sunshine, and clear cold nights.
   Tomorrow, December 190th we leave for Wakayama on a mail courier trip. We will return here to Kure next Thursday afternoon. Today, more Christmas packages will arrive, I hope some of mine arrive.
   We will all be exceedingly happy to set this “can” on course 080 True and head for home. We may do that next month sometime. If we do, I may get a leave in February. That would certainly be swell.
   Well, I must get this in the mail. Felicitaciones, Madre y Padre.

Amor y Besas,
This is the drawing mentioned in the letter.

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