Las Vegas Army Air Base WWII Letters Nov. 1942

This letter was written by a soldier at Las Vegas Army Air Base, November 16, 1942. From the letter.....

Today was a pretty good day because I got a letter from you. You must be plenty busy for you dated your letter Oct. 12th but I know how it is for I make those mistakes myself.
   Well my chances of going to Texas are pretty slim now. For starting with my class they are not going to send out any bombardiers. So now I’ll just have to trust to luck and hope I can get stationed near Dallas.
   I’m in my fourth week now and also my last for ground school The 5th week I’ll be flying and firing at targets all week long.
   This will be my last letter from here to you. But I’ll write to you again as soon as I get settled again. If you write soon have the letter get here before the last of the month. For the mail won’t follow us. I’ll bet I said that in my last letter to you.
   Ed will probably meet some of the class of 23 at New Orleans for some of them have been at the air base out there. Write him if he is till there and tell him to look up the boys there.
   Say you had better not be going out with so many Yanks. I’ll have you know that they were gentlemen before they go to Texas.
   How about hose pictures you were going to send me. YO can put them in the next letter you write me.

As always,

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