Female Corporal WWII Letter Louisville Kentucky 1945

This letter was written by a female corporal who was in Louisville, Kentucky, April 30, 1945. She was writing to her boyfriend, who was serving aboard the USS Tuscaloosa. From the letter.....

   My darling, four beautiful letters from you today. And they lifted my morale one hundred percent. I needed those letters today because I was a little disgusted with the set up on our P.D.D. Then I read your letters. You spoke of love of me and our love in it’s perfection. I felt a glow inside.
   Yesterday afternoon I went to town with a friend. We rode the street car all the way to the end. Churchill Downs the famous Kentucky Derby race track was near the end of the line. Then we ate at a Mexican Cafeteria and then went to the funniest show with Joan Davis solving several murder cases. Also we walked in a beautiful little park in the hear to town.
   I think my job will let up in confusion in a couple of months and I’ll be my old self once more.

Love always,

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