Camp Stewart Georgia WWII Letter August 13, 1943

This letter was written by a soldier at Camp Stewart, Georgia, August 13, 1943. From the letter…..

   A good evening to you my darling. It is pouring out and has been since morning today. Iot is mice and cool though and just right for sleeping.
   Just completed a letter to my folks. Should have taken care of it some time ago.
   Don’t believe in laughing at another person’s tragedy but one of the Majors in the office was on the phone  and lighting must have stuck the line and I never saw a man leave a place in such a hurry in my life. He really got quiet a jolt. A great many of the fellows have wanted to give him a jolt for some time. Guess I am not any exception as he is a revolting character. The other fellows call him “Der Furer”. Even the officers call him that.
   Have been thinking a great deal about your Aunt and pray for her each night. Hope that the news of her is good.
   Have heard no more about my transfer and have just about given it up as a bad job. The letter that I sent so long ago never returned but our Adjutant told me that was a good thing as when they did it means they are not accepted.   
   Must say good night my darling as it is getting rather late and the light bothers Sully.


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