Camp Pendleton Marine WWII Letter 1943

This letter was written by a Marine at Camp Pendleton, California, August 15, 1943. From the letter…..

Hello Mom,  
Well here is that Marine again trying to think of something to write about. For the fist time yesterday afternoon I went on liberty. I went into Oceanside to see a show.
   Well Mom, how are you and the rest of the family, getting along now. I guess it is still hot over there isn’t it? The nights are so cold out here I have to use blankets. I don’t mind the weather so bad though. I only wish it would rain once in a while to break the monotony. I have only seen a few drops of rain since I left North Carolina. I wish I was back three tonight but I guess we will have to keep on going until this thing is over with. I got a letter from you today and my first birthday card from Rutherford and Phyllis today also a letter from my Sweetheart. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t hear from her and the rest of you. I guess I am about the laziest person in the Marines. I have been sleeping nearly all day. I don’t have anything else to do when I am off duty. I might go to Los Angeles on my next week end off if I have one. We are supposed to go on maneuvers again soon but you can’t tell wheat they are going to do around here. Well, I guess I will have to stop for tonight but I will try to write more often.

Your son,

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