African American's WWII Letter 466th AAA (AW) Bn. March 1944

This letter was written by an African American Private, who was in the Southwest Pacific, with the 466th AAA (AW) Battalion, at the time he wrote the letter March 1944. He was writing to a student at Louisiana Negro Normal School, which is now Grambling State University. From the letter…..

I am not writing just to receive an occasional letter from Louisiana. I am not writing so that in a conversation with friend I can tell of an acquaintance met thru the U.S. mail. I am trying to find her, and thru a voluntary description that I gave Joe he instinctively mentions your name, and being the searcher that I am I could not possibly let such an opportunity pas by, for Joe never says things just for conversation.
   You ask for the description of you that he related to me. He did not describe you to me. I told him of the kind of girl I’ve been looking for and he just said your name. Before that, I had never heard you name mentioned. I will try to repeat on paper, the exact words as I told them to Joe. You can, perhaps if you are keen, decipher my original code enough to grasp an inkling of what Joe thinks you are and what I am searching for.
   “I would like her to be talk, about to my eyes, slenderly proportioned and athletically graceful in all her movements. Frankness is necessary, frankness enough so that if she ever meets me and likes my looks, she will not try to conceal the fact, but be as receptive as my frankness ? Me.
   She must in order to tolerate me, have a sense of humor, be able to be happy with me whether we are sharing caviar or chocolate bars. And indeed she would taste both in my company. She must be tolerant enough to overlook my faults, many in number, faults made more annoying for I do not try to correct them because of a questionable attitude of “Don’t give a damn.”
   Believe me Joe, I do not, if she even exists, know if I’ll ever meet her but I believe that I can make her happy moments gayer, her sentimental moments more frequent, and even tho it is no recommendation I would very probably make her sad moment unbearable, but I believe in the end she would not have missed knowing me for all the world, or a white gate with squeaky hinges.”     He said your name,


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