African American Soldier WWII Letter to La. Negro Normal

This letter was written by an African American soldier, who was writing to student at Louisiana Negro Normal (now Grambling State University). The letter is dated September 2, but doesn’t have the year. From the letter…..

   If you aren’t mean no soul ever was. How can you do it? Aare you alright? I hope. Well, by the grace of the father I exist, meaning that I have had some terrible days and nights since last heard from you. Please don’t say that you have been busy. I wouldn’t believe if you did.
   Please forgive this new change of ink. I have a lot to tell you, but I’m slightly mad and really can’t express myself very well when so. Do let me hear from you and often. Can’t you see that I care. Whey do you torment me so? It isn’t fair not even to a soldier. Very well you lady just wait until I come home again. Do say hello to everyone.

A lonely and disappointed Soul, 

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