African American soldier 93rd Signal Company WWII Letter 1944

This letter was written from an unknown location, but an African American soldier, who was with the 93rd Signal Company. He was writing to a student at Louisiana Negro Normal College, (now Grambling State University). From the letter…..

   Gee but it was great hearing from you at Easter time. Sis you are great stuff, no kidding. And to think, out of forty or more sisters, only one thought enough to write. No, I won’t forget that.
   I’m happy to know that you fi8naaly decided to send that photo. Sis, “pooey” I just know it will be lovely. Such lucky people with ideal curves, etc. Excuse bro. you need not say hello to my other beloved sisters.
   Helen do you have any faith in me really. What do you think of me now? Are you woman enough to write it? Is it that bad? My only regret is that I have no way of correcting it now.
   So long and best wishes, someday we’ll meet again.


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