African American Desert Training Center, California 1943

This letter was written by an African American soldier, who was in training at the Desert Training Center, in California, December 15, 1943. He was writing to a young lady at Louisiana Negro Normal College (Now Grambling State University). From the letter…..

   Isn’t it awful to get a disappointment unexpected? At least, it hurts more, doesn’t it? Yes it is true whether you admit it or not. My disappointment came in you. Honestly dearling, you built me up for a great let-down.
   That’s right, pretend that you don’t understand. When I needed to hear from you so badly you wouldn’t’ even write a line. I couldn’t have answered yes, but I would have felt better. Remember I told you that there would be times when I couldn’t write. Well they come lasted. You got mad, pouted and refused. You are still mean. I want to see you so badly and not only for my happiness. Maybe a food fight would do it.
   What I want for Christmas? Can I have you? Fool me! If I’m not home for X-mas you can depend on New Year.
   Stay sweet as you are forever refraining from little “sins”. Have you decided to send my picture yet? I mean the one with all of you? I don’t want half a picture. Please please rush it.


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