African American's WWII Letter 466th AAA (AW) Bn. Feb. 1944

This letter was written by an African American Soldier, who was with the 466th AAA (AW) Bn. He was writing to a student at Louisiana Negro Normal College (now Grambling State University). From the letter…..

Dear Sis,

   Tonight as I pick up my pen to write, I have a very dear friend beside me. He is a fellow whose character you’d admire I know, knowing you as I do. He comes from Massachusetts a New Englander with a brogue you could sit and listen to for hours and never feel the slightest symptom of fatigue. He’d like to write to you for he is interested in Southern girls, but being so much of a gentleman he desires your permission.
   You’d enjoy his letters fro I’ve seen so many instances that your two personalities would’ve clicked perfectly. Now may he write you Sis? Or shall I have to coax you as of old, I know I won’t. For instance, he is a lover of sports in general, hockey being his favorite.
   So take it from me, he definitely is a swell guy. I am writing this before you answer my other letter, you must answer this one, or I shall be angry at you, desperately so.
   How is everything at the school? I hope I am there again soon.

As ever, your Bro,

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