African American Soldier Fort Sill Ok. WWII Letter 1943

This letter was written by an African American soldier, who was at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, August 8, 1943. He was writing to a young lady, who was attending Louisiana Negro Normal College (now Grambling State University). From the letter…..    How are you and John making it these hot days? I wrote him last week, but he hasn’t answered yet. I do hope you tow will hurry and get on the ball and stay on the ball (army slang meaning do right).    What great news has happened since Miss Grundy’s wedding? Hip me to all the jive because I love to hear from Ole Normal although I saw some ? days there.    What is Tie and Lizzie talking about? Is B.D. still there? How many fits have Ralph thrown this summer?    Well when you answer those questions, you will have covered a great deal of territory. Write often,

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