USS Bristol, Tokyo Japan, October 6, 1945 WWII Letter

This letter was written by a sailor aboard the USS Bristol, Tokyo, Japan, October 6, 1945. From the letter….

   Well, today- Saturday- is a busy day!! We were scheduled to have a Captain’s Inspection, both personnel and material, this morning but it was belayed. We were in our whites and all ready for the former but the Captain changed his mind. So we are back in dungarees.
   Joe P., Joe D., and I are at present working on the officers radio and phonograph speaker system which was installed four month sago by our chief radioman, now at home and discharged. Trouble developed in the system and we are tying to fix it. It is all fouled up and very complicated since there are over a dozen speaker and a two way line so either the radio phonograph may be heard separately at any place  any time. I want to fix up the same kind of system when I get home and perhaps the same at Silver Crags. This work here will be good training. Also each speaker has it’s own volume control.
   Yesterday was terrible, the rain came down in torrents almost horizontal because of the wind. Navigation for small boats in the Bay was very dangerous and all were tied up. I had a radio voice watch yesterday morning and many messages were sent about hazards in the water. But today is very nice- sunshine, no wind, peace, and tranquility.

Sunday, 7 October, 1945. Today is another nice day but not as bright as yesterday. All afternoon yesterday was spent working on the speaker system with both Joes. We diagrammed the circuit as it was originally and then redesigned it completely. Revisions were made and we have almost finished them now. I took time off last night to see the move “And Now Tomorrow” with Alan Todd and Loretta Young. I enjoyed it and it was a good rest after working all day.
   We are getting ready to move any day now. The Bristol is the flagship of a new task group composed of oil tankers and several other “cans” and DE’s. We are in control of a separate radio circuit, and have lots of traffic over the others. Our captain has just left in a motor launch for a meeting with other skippers and higher ups of th4e Navy. We will probably take another refueling trip somewhere, and we may not return here but go on to some other place. I would like to see more of this world’s interesting places if we are to move again.
   Last Thursday some boys on liberty brought back three dozen silk neckerchiefs in gaudy colors. They cost 5 yen apiece and I got two of them. They also brought back a dozen nice ladies’ lounging pajamas. I was lucky and got one of them- 30 yen or $2.00. I have an idea: someday I’m going to get married so I’m going to save these for then. However, you may decide differently when you see the. I shall try my best to get some more. And one other thing is the Fujiyama tray I want. I will be extremely lucky if I find one.
   I should have gone to church this morning but I didn’t feel too much like it. I have been quite busy all week and felt I needed a rest. So I slept this morning. I haven’t ’been sleeping  very good for several weeks.
   My psychology course has never caught up. I wonder if my letter with the applications and all was lost. It had to go thru the USAFI at Madison, Wisconsin, and then to Boulder.
  New are getting fired up now and will leave this berth this afternoon but probably won’t sail till tomorrow.

Love and Kisses,

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