USS Bristol, Kure Japan, Christmas Day 1945

This letter war written by a sailor aboard the USS Bristol, Kure, Japan, on Christmas Day, December 25, 1945. From the letter……

Merry Christmas,

   Yes, it has just begun. First thing, we put up our tree this afternoon in the chow hall. It is a tree like our Lodge pole Pine and there are quite a few ornaments (made in Japan) and some lights on it now. Second, this afternoon was holiday routine. Third, our movie tonight was made a while back “Music for Millions” with Margaret O’Brien, June Allyson, Jose Sturbi, Hugh Herbert, and many others. The whole plot was centered around a symphonic orchestra of course, there was some excellent music and it finished up with “The Messiah.” Particular fitting for this night.
   Fourth, I have just returned from a lovely Holy Communion service aboard the USS Baltimore. We had a few carols, a talk from the Chaplain, and then the usual bread and wine. Catholic Mass is being held on the Vulcan now and I am standing by for one of the other fellows so he may attend it.
   Tomorrow morning we can sleep until 0700, then breakfast at 7:30 and dinner at 3 PM. That is all that is planned. So I am going to finish this letter then.
   Here is the latest unofficial date: We-our destroyer squadron- are to report by radio communication to a commander task force at Tokyo Bay on December 27. This will be for assignment to temporary duty. But here’s the best news yet: we are scheduled to leave for Pearl Harbor on January 15th next and to remain there until February 1st when we embark for the States! This is unofficial.
   I am very glad you are receiving my letters in around 10-12 days time. Yours are taking about 18 days to reach me. Your latest is Dec. 6. Mail service here is very irregular for airmail. I get a letter about once a week now. Your shows seem to be dropping off a bit, Dad, or maybe you are just taking it easy as I have suggested your both doing before. I am sorry the Coopers Poor little Dicky has had a long siege at the hospital and I hope Kenny pulls through OK.
   This morning I went on a working party to a supply ship for small store and ships stores. Had a lot of fun doing that. Went over there at about 8 AM in an LCVP. We split up and about a third of us went to one hold for cigarettes, cigars, and candy. We loaded two large cargo nets with stuff and then the whole works was hoisted over into our LCVP. We filled the boat up and then brought all the stuff back here. I am tired from all that work now.
   The winter sports meeting must be really interesting Floyd is a good speaker. This evening I heard Bing Crosby’s program. It was a broadcast of all the pieces in “Holiday Inn” with “White Christmas” finished off. Very nice program.

Christmas Night….Mele Kakikimaka- This is “Merry Christmas” in Hawaiian. We had our swell dinner during the mid-afternoon. A menu is enclosed. There was really plenty there and our tummies were certainly filled to the top when finished.
   I have missed a lot of the excellent Christmas music I have always enjoyed. There is an enjoyable program on now however. All programs which originate in the States are rebroadcast over here from local stations by electrical transcription. Most of these little stations are very weak and the reception is usually pretty bad.
   One thing which I would like to have whhen I am home is a nice pen. I have used these drug store pens for about six or eight years and they aren’t very good. The points manage to break down and then are no good. Witness this letter. The pen hasn’t been dropped or anything just went bad.
   Well adios for now. I hope you have all had a nice Christmas,

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Larry said...

It's interesting reading this letter because it puts things in perspective. You really begin to appreciate all they do for us and our country. While they're out risking they're lives, were still here with our families celebrating the holidays. I could only imagine how tough it is to only hear from family members months at a time when there's no guarantee your letter will reach them or if their letter reaches you. Especially in back in the 1940's.

I've really enjoyed reading this blog especially with all the historical photos.

Larry Washington
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